Gift ideas: Personalized Jewelry

Accessories is what makes the difference of any outfit, you can change from a simple look to a trend one in seconds.

(Not necessarily this way he he)

I am a fan of minimalist necklaces, in silver or gold - in almost all my outfits you can see them ;) -, in fact I love name necklaceit never gets old-fashioned and no matter how old you are, they always feel stylish and good!

You can wear that with every kind of clothes (formal, casual...even sporty for a swag look)

The same happends with name bracelets, there are cute and elegant. I have one with my name in glod colour and it attracts attention wherever I take it! 

Another trend is the infinity necklace, simple and meaningful, with the infinite symbol so fashionable even in tattoos!

Many girls share this symbol with their best friend, wearing the same necklace means friendship forever :)

And if you have to make a gift to someone, what better than a personalized jewel like the projection necklaces or a engraved heart photo necklace (like you can see here). Is an original and different idea that will make that person remember you when wearing it.

Hope you like the post!!

You can find this and many more ideas on the web:

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  1. que chulas las fotos
    Feliz semana

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