Gift ideas: Custom Rings

Last week I wrote you about gift ideas, because often is difficult to find a suitable gift according to the person, but personalized jewelry is something unique and special that makes the person remember you everytime he´s wearing it.

This time I´m going to talk about custom rings.

The gift of an alliance is a tradition that means union and commitment. Putting the names inside with your aniversary date is the favourite lovers gift, but what about something a little more different?

I show you this ring as an example:  Name Ring

The engraved names are outside the ring, decorated with some stones. You can choose the color, the material and the type of stone. A unique gift for a unique person!

Love does not have to be just passionate, it can also be a brotherly love or friendship love, and in that case there are other options such as the Family Tree Ring.

A ring shaped like the tree of life in which you can place from 1 to 6 stones (I would put them according to the relatives you want to represent, although is my opinion, because is very personal and it depends of the meaning you want to give)
As with the previous one, you can choose the material and diameter of the ring.

What do you think about these ideas? Are you one of the people who usually giveaway rings?

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