New shop: Prestarrs


I just discovered a new shop called Prestarss in wich you can find a lot of clothes for the new season! 

This year due to confinement by Coronavirus we haven´t had much summer (alt least here in Asturias), so I have practically not brand any clothes! But however here we wear winter clothes a lot, and I´ve already been looking for new fashion coats hehe

(here, here, here)

Warm tones (like beige and similar) is trending this autumn and also one of my favourite colous to combining (with a total white look or total black look is super elegant!)

This seems very original to me because you can remove the collar (here)

But above all, what I use the most are mid-season women´s cardigans, and there are some examples that I like:

I hope you like my ideas for the new season!

Kiss Kiss



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