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Good morning, how is the quarantine going?

Step by step we begin to do"normal" life, we dare to go out more (always taking the appropriate measures, of course), and we feel like doing a little social life visiting friends and family.

Many events were postponed (birthdays, weddings ...) and among them Father's Day that was March 19, shortly after the quarantine in Spain began.

For those who have a detail pending to their father or partner (actually we can visit them finally), you can take advantage and give him a watch strap!

Is always a good idea, and it seems that he use for the first time the watch! It is an economic detail that gives a lot of service!

It can be more elegant or more casual, depending of the style he have and surely the father in question loves it (or not necessarily a father, it can be a gift for anyone, it's just an idea)!

For example, you can find the best nato strap classic and wearable.

And if you prefer another desing, here you have a wide variety of options, as the nokia watch strap with prints like the typical crocodile to be more elegant, or canvas for the most active parents.

There are also options of soft straps in neutral tones for those who are more discreet:

Or even, you can buy a couple of them totally different, so he can alternate depending on the mood he have that day, because it is still a complement!

In short, here you have a very good option to make a present that surely everyone like it!

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