LilyHair Extensions

 Although I currently wear bob-style hair, I've always boasted natural long hair:

I recently discovered the web LilyHair for those girls who are not able to get long hair, or have little volume or small amount and need some help using hair extensions.

On the web you can discover a lot of different types of extensions, including degraded effect, straight, curly, ponytail (false ponytails are a good option if you have an important event and want to look different).

When I was in College I used fuchsia pink extensions because I had dyed it in that color but I was lowering the intensity with the washings. With the color extensions that didn't happen to me 
(I'm sorry, I don't have photos from that time - thank God 🙏-)

- Even I tried the false bangs option in the past (here) -.

And what do you think about this? Do you dare to wear hair extensions?

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  1. el ultimo modelo de pelo m encanta
    Feliz noche


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