Gift idea (only for smart people XD): Gancube

Don't know what to give this Christmas?

How about something different and fun? Something that does not go out of style, that is unisex and for all ages?

Something you're going to hit for sure!!

And if it is also interactive and serves to exercise the brain as well as having fun... what more could you ask for!?

This is Gancube where you can find numerous cubes to exercise your mind with different models, colors and uses, there are dozens to choose from!! Depending on what you are looking for you can find: magnetic cubes, lite cubes, cubes sets and accesories, and also kits for beginners, advanced or professional depending on the skill or level you have.

There are also numerous shapes, not only in the form of a cube, you have pyramids, spheres, polyhedrons... everything to break your head.

For example, with this pack that I show you below you can find a multitude of shapes: 

(With the revolutionary breakthrough the magnet positioning is gonna make GAN mirror faster and more accurate).

If you want advice, some of their most demanded products are: Gan Robot wich is pioneering global first intelligent cube robot for vast consumers. With dual-stable system, lightweight folding, intelligent control, easy to fetch, train with app, five-axis servo system, etc.

In addition to being innovative products with a futuristic look, if you have any questions, you have tutorials to get the best out of your cube. 
(You can also find a discount code on their website)

What do you think of the gift proposal for this Christmas (or even for yourself)?
Did you know the website, are you fan of this type of cubes?

Don't let your brain get old!!



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